The Guy Behind The Wine Glasses

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Meet Adam Collet

Welcome to my world of wine, where I share my passion for tasting, teaching, and exploring everything about wine. Join me on this flavorful journey.

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About Me

Adam has spent the last 15 years in every aspect of the wine industry you can imagine. He’s worked the vineyard, cellar door on multiple continents, and even owned a winery at one point.

His passion now is teaching and hosting bespoke events for School of Wine. Adam is an accredited WSET instructor and loves providing all levels of education from Wine 101 all the way up to WSET.

Adam’s favorite event to host is the Old and Rare which showcases the best of Australian and international wine dating back decades. He’s fond of saying “you can give the best winemaker, the best grapes, and all the money in the world and they still couldn’t replicate the wonders of aged wine”.

When he’s not chasing the bottom of a bottle he enjoys doing swing dance, boxing, and spending time with his family.