The Girls behind the Wine Glasses

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The School of Wine an independent Perth based wine education company, here to teach you everything you ever wanted to know about wine - sniffing it, swirling it, assessing it and drinking it.

 What is independent wine education and why is it important? Well, it means we're genuine. 

- We won't give you the "hard-sell" on wines we try (but if you want to know where to buy them, we will tell you!)

- We are unbiased, meaning we show wines with no agenda, but tell you the stories behind the wine/varietal/winemaker/region/making process of each wine we show

- We give a balanced viewpoint. If you come to one of our events and find a wine that you isn't to your liking, we will chat with you to explore a positively critical (and not cynical) review so you can figure out your palate for the future

The wonderful thing about wine is that its so subjective and there is no absolute right and no wrong answer! We want to help you learn how to select a bottle of wine for whatever the occasion. We design, write and host wine courses, masterclasses and corporate events in Western Australia.

The School of Wine is Sadie Holmes and Suz Fisher, a couple of chicks who met in May 2013, thanks to their mutual love and interest in wine. Suz was hosting a Fabulous Ladies Wine Society meeting and Sadie joined the club. The two quickly realised that they both had previously spent time working in the Margaret River wine industry as part of wine marketing teams. And that they both loved thinking, dreaming and talking to anyone who would listen about wines of the world! After talking about it for 6 months, the pair finally made the decision to go for it and educate others in wine, buying School of Wine in July 2016.

So why spend your hard earned wine money with us? 

  • Sadie is a professional organiser with a passion for all things wine. In her spare time, you’ll find her out and about sampling new wines or at home organising her growing wine collection. 
  • Suz has operationally delivered the wine pairing for the Margaret River Wine Show Gala Awards Dinner as well as the Margaret River Wine Show Masterclass for industry.
  • Since completing her Marketing Degree at Curtin University, Sadie has gained valuable insight into the Wine & Liquor industry as a result of various sales and marketing roles that she has held
  • When she's not working, Suz is studying away for her Wine Marketing degree from the University of Adelaide and has studied at WSET (The Wine & Spirit Trust) 3 level
  • Suz is also a member of the International Wine & Food Society's Asia Pacific chapter
  • In addition to undertaking further wine education, Suz has been a wine steward for the Margaret River Wine Show and been an associate judge for Perth's Scoop wine magazine

Best of all, we don't just talk wine, we attend various seminars and events to keep our palates educated and keep connected with our industry. 

Some of our favourite annual wine events we love to attend are: 

Bottle Shop Concepts' Pinot Palooza and Game of Rhones
Festival Italia
Melbourne Food and Wine Festival
Wine Show of Western Australia
Coonawarra Roadshow
City Wine
Winestate Best of the West Tasting
Raising Riesling