Wine 101 Course CBD

School of Wine offer a range of courses which are relaxed, fun and informative and are a great way to taste lots of wine and improve your palate and wine knowledge.

Wine 101 course provides information for all wine enthusiasts who are looking to increase their wine knowledge and approach to tasting. We will explain how to read labels, how to buy wine confidently & how to describe what you like (and what you don’t!). Running from 6.30 to 8.30pm for three (3) consecutive weeks.

WEEK ONE covers white wine and white winemaking in detail. We taste fresh, oaked and alternative whites discussing how to serve a white wine.

WEEK TWO introduces red wine and red winemaking in detail, including the use of oak, ageing wine, glassware & decanting. 

WEEK THREE moving onto the world of international wines – learning about old world vs new world, the main varietals and where they come from and how to distinguish differences when made in Australia.