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Sugar - what's it doing in wine?

Why do winemakers add sugar to wine, and are they allowed to? When we are picking grapes to make wine, we're trying to find the "sweet spot" of ripeness - I'm talking about the balance in wine, not sweetness! We seek to find the point when natural acid and natural sugar (fructose) meet to make that perfect wine. What if there isn't enough sugar naturally occurring, then what? Well... we need sugar in the berry because in the fermentation process, we need sugar to interact with yeast to fuel the fermented grape juice to turn into alcohol -  it’s not necessary meant to sweeten a wine. In Australia, we aren't allowed (by law) to add sugar to the wine - we call...

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10 Fun Italian Wine facts

School of Wine loves our Italian wines - indigenous ones and Italian wine styles grown outside of Italy like Australia. Those who have attended our wine education classes before may remember these 10 fun wine facts - enjoy!

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A Life Changing Wine

Have you had a life changing wine? The great thing about wine is its ability to be shared with many. How often would you sit around the house and drink a bottle of wine on your own? Does it taste better when you are in the company of friends, colleagues or family?

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