Shiraz - why it's Australia's iconic red wine

Shiraz grape School of Wine education tasting May 2017

When you think of Shiraz as a red wine variety, what locations come to mind? Is it the Rhone in France, California in the USA, Iran, South Africa or -  is it Australia.

Me, I immediately think of France. It's those incredibly delicate Syrah qualities, expressed with such finesse, but also power in flavour and aroma. Shiraz tends to be deep in colour and in Australia and California they are more than often higher in alcohol and very fruit forward. 

So I've just described two entirely different wines, haven't I? Well yes, and that's why regionality and style are so key to wine - especially in this case Shiraz or Syrah. 

Here's my "cheat sheet" for two of the more common Shiraz styles

Medium to Full-bodied Shiraz are:

  • Blue fruit
  • White Pepper
  • Fine, chalky tannins

Full bodied Shiraz are:

  • Generous flavour (and alcohol!)
  • Intense, concentration of fruit
  • Chocolate & black fruit
  • Velvet, strong, puckering tannins

Want to learn more about Shiraz?

Join us on Tuesday 2nd May for our Shiraz Masterclass where we will learn about all different ways Shiraz can be made into wine.


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