10 Fun Italian Wine facts

School of Wine loves our Italian wines - indigenous ones and Italian wine styles grown outside of Italy such as Australia!

Italian Wine Education Perth Fun Facts Pizza

Those who attended our Vino Australiano wine masterclass in October 2016 will remember these 10 fun wine facts we discussed: 

  1. Italy is now the world’s largest producer of wine then France and Spain (Australia is 6th) and produces 20% of the world's wine.
  2. Italy has been making wines for over 2800 years!
  3. There is 20 Italian wine regions
  4. Currently there is 330 DOCs in Italy
  5. 350+ common grape varieties with over 2000 varieties planted in total
  6. Each year, 1 in 50 Italians is involved with the grape harvest
  7. Italy produces 3.3 million bottles of wine annually, the US economy consumes 3.3 million a year!
  8. An average Italian consumers 54 litres annually PER PERSON! 
  9. Because part of northern Italy was once actually part of Austria, white wines from that region, especially in the Alto Adige area, will have flavors similar to German or Austrian wines.
  10. Montepulciano - watch out! This wine varietal is not to be confused with Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, which is made from predominantly Sangiovese, or the town of Montepulciano which makes the Sangiovese based wine. 

So, did some of those surprise you? Great!

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- SM xx